Can I Take Creatine In Pill or Capsule Form?

Pill or Capsule – Which Is The Best Way To Take Creatine?


We will look at the question after we understand what creatine is and what it does. It is a supplement used by athletes who want to increase their muscle mass and work out performance. This supplement came onto the scene in the early 1990’s.  It was proclaimed the king of muscle building supplements.  After its debut in powder form it became available in capsule and pill form.  The dosage was varied and this led to some confusion by amateur athletes as to what to take and when.

The formula is the same whether it is in powder or capsule form.  The procedure is very simple to follow.  There are three basic phases to this procedure.  Loading, maintenance and lastly a flush or pause in taking of the creatine supplement.


A beginning to the use of creatine is to prime and pump up the body with creatine.  This is accomplished by taking extra creatine.  This can be anywhere from 20-30 grams in a day.  Most pills and capsule are 5 grams these day so you would need to take anywhere from  4- 6 in a day.  This would be best split up at different times of the day.  Eating carbohydrates when taking the capsule will have a positive effect in the digestion process. This should last for five days.


When you are done with the five loading days the creatine level needs to be cut down to normal levels.  This is around 5 grams per day.  This is not in stone.  Consult the package instructions for proper grams taken to weight ratio.  Timing should be determined by you as you will feel the effects of the supplement and decide when the best time to take it.  Continue on this path for at least 20-30 days.  This will give to you the maximum return for creatine taken.

Creatine Capsules


There are studies which suggest it is wise to flush out your system after taking the supplement for 30 days.  This discussion of “How to Plan Your Creatine Routine  is highly debated by amateur and professional alike on both side of the issue. Some say it is necessary and other say it is not and to keep taking at a maintenance level.   There are some sports practitioners who believe one month is the maximum time the body will benefit from usage.  There are a lot of weight lifters who disagree.  The choice is yours.  If you wish to start the cycle again just start with the normal loading phase.